Diane Simmons

Diane Simmons has been a premier real estate agent for more than 17 years. Her expertise in real estate includes commercial real estate leasing, sales, new business development and property management in Naperville and the western suburbs of Chicago.



Karen Kramford

As a commercial broker, Karen Kramford utilizes her 30+ years of experience in the industry and commercial real estate to help clients find the best buyers, tenants, or business or investment properties, depending on individual need. Through thorough and frank discussion, Karen helps clients make educated decisions aligned with their goals. Staying up-to-date on relevant issues is a high priority for Karen, who attends chamber of commerce functions and serves on diverse, local and state committees and task-forces, including a number of Illinois REALTORS® committees.

Jason Pesola

Jason Pesola has over a decade of experience working with buyers, sellers, and developers as a top broker/consultant in Chicago’s real estate market. His main concentration is the Western Suburbs due to past work and an existing client base. Patience, mixed with experience as both an investor and commercial broker gives Jason a unique perspective into the commercial real estate market.

William W. Wilson

William W. Wilson began his career learning about all phases of construction, mechanicals and building operations as an account manager/vice president for a large mechanical engineering and building company. He is now a full-time Commercial Real Estate Broker for commercial and industrial investment properties, negotiating deals for up to $15,000,000.