Our Services

Comprised of top-performing commercial real estate professionals, Commercial Affiliated builds relationships with commercial buyers and landlords in the Midwest to support property brokerage, commercial mortgages, property management, and investment in commercial properties.

With a vast array of experience, Commercial Affiliated's team of professionals utilize a full-service, proven process to share their expertise and provide customer support. Opportunities are strategically developed for clients looking to invest, buy, or lease commercial property and multi-family homes.

The commitment to sourcing profitable deals through our vast network of buyers, investors, and agents providing accurate analytics, and customizing property management relationships gives clients a truly unique and positive experience.

Focused and Driven Representation

With around-the-clock availability, Commercial Affiliated’s real-estate professionals put in the time to both understand the specific needs of our clients and build strong relationships that last. With a focus on sharing our extensive knowledge, Commercial Affiliated can do everything that in-house relators do without the cost of carrying more in-house talent. We are your trusted team! Representing both buyers and landlords across the country enables us to have a strong network to rely on when it comes to investments, property brokerage, commercial mortgages, and property management.

  • Over 50 years combined experience in the commercial real-estate market

  • Focus on follow-up and follow-through every time

  • Access to a vast and diverse network of buyers, investors, and agents

  • Extensive knowledge in commercial real-estate and client needs

  • In-house realtor benefits without being in-house